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Multidimensional and environmentally friendly: Falconboard

Technological developments of digital printing creates new possibilities. Falconboard Print, Build and Mount offers you these new opportunities. 

Falconboard Print consists of a honeycomb core, covered on two sides with coated white Kraftliner of 6 mm in size 120x244 cm and of 10 mm in sizes 122x244 cm and 140x305 cm.

Falconboard Build consists of a honeycomb core, covered on two sides with 16 mm white Kraftliner-PE in size 140x305 cm. Fire-retardant according to the German standard B2, Din 4102-1.

Falconboard Mount consists of a honeycomb core, covered on two sides with brown Kraftliner of 10 mm in size 122x244 cm.

The specifications are suitable for:

  • promotional campaigns
  • stands
  • shop-window material
  • displays
  • packaging materials
  • constructions
  • transport

The Falconboard specifications are excellent materials and have a high attention value. They are multidimensional and environmentally friendly.


The materials are:

  • strong and lightweight
  • made of recycled material
  • biodegradable and recyclable
  • Falconboard Print and Build are digital printable on flatbed printers and screenprinting with solvent- and UV-inks
  • cutting, sawing and milling
  • allow wet and dry laminating
Falconboard Contourtape is Papertape with high adhesion and provides with a release liner. The tape gives a strong finish for Falconboard Build and Falconboard Print. It's easy to use by hand or with a tapedispenser. The tape is 100% recyclable just like the Falconboard sheets. It's not neccesary to abduct separately at the end of using.