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Our Mirri-range knows many specifications: Mirriwrap, Mirripaper, Mirricard, Mirriboard, Mirrilaser, Mirri Holographic Range, Mirri Prisma Oyster White, Mirri Brushed Aluminium, Mirrisilk, Mirripak Ultra en Mirri Bio-Degradable. Mirri Bio-Degradable is the only one which is 100% biodegradable and made of cellulose. The whole Mirri-range counts 38 specifications.
Mirri-material is especially made for gift- and champaignboxes, covers, cards, dishcards, parfume- and cosmeticapackaging, DVD-boxes, multimediapackaging, annual reports, instore promotion, movie and multimediadisplays, direct mailings and displays.
All these specifications are excellent for many applications and for printing in screen-print or offset. Excellent die-cutting and scoring properties and everything is FSC-gecertificeerd.

Colourwell Deluxe

Acid-free and core coloured, single-sided sealed f-corrugated cardboard. This product is produced specially for Moorman of high-grade acid-free paper. Just like the MIRRI collection, Colourwell Deluxe is suitable for creative applications such as fancy boxes, covers, and numerous advertising applications.

Edo Imitation Suede
Based on 110-gram woodfree paper or 300-gram sulphate cardboard. Suitable for offset, screen-print, foil printing and tampon printing. Especially suitable for decoration, fancy packaging, calendars, cards, albums or stationery.