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Postermat is a thick and woodfree, two-sided light-coated mat paper. This material is ideal for printing in offset, screen-printing and on digital uv-printers.
Postermat is available from stock on 135, 150, 200, 250 and 300 grams, untill a format of 160x310 cm and on rolls.
Our Postermat is FSC-certificated as well with number SKH-COC-000354, FSC-Mixed credit.

Pyrosmat is fire-retardant, opaque, two-sided mat coated paper. It holds the French M1 Certificate, the highest European Standard for fire-retardant material, guaranteeing that Pyroswell does not spark, does not ignite, and does not contribute to spreading fire.(*).
Its excellent print properties in combination with its special qualities make Pyroswell highly suitable for advertising and promotion material in public areas and other areas that require freely suspended promotional materials to be fire-retardant.

(*) Moorman Karton does not accept liability for the fire safety of the above products after further processing.

Opaquemat is two-sided, half mat, coated, woodfree and 100% opaque paper. Opaquemat is used for banners, window decorations and point-of-sale materials, which require optimum opacity. This quality was created especially for two-sided screen-print or offset printing.

Digiblue (on rolls) is coated poster-paper (wet strength) for outdoor billboard advertising with blue backing, especially for digital printing. Applications include billboards, outdoor posters, and 3-sided signs.
Digimat (on rolls) is coated poster-paper with an excellent uniform transparency, especially for digital printing. Purpose: for posters, bus shelters and (play)bills.

Both Digiblue and Digimat:
• Are suitable for indoor applications
• Allow printing in screen-print and with digital flatbed printers
• Allow printing with solvent and UV-ink types
Digiblue is also suitable for outdoor applications.