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Royal Moorman Karton knows everything there is to know about cardboard. Our enormous stock and unique range allow us to assure immediate delivery, whether in bulk quantities or as small consignments. Plus, we can supply cardboard in any shape and form you wish because we have the in-house capacity for virtually any finishing method.

Finishing methods:

  • die-cutting
  • cutting, any required dimensions
  • laminating
  • sawing

Delivery by pack or pallet. Each order is completed with the greatest care. The cardboard is effectively packaged and delivered to enable easy insertion into your processing cycle.

Most materials we sell by Wholesale, we also supply by Custom Sales. Quantities are larger and special consignments can be made. Material can also be ordered in a different size so we are actually always able to meet your production needs. Our Custom Sales staff are the link between you and the factories. And should a material not be included in our collection, our Custom Sales will be happy to assist you in acquiring that as well..

Cardboard is special, not only because of its versatility. Its production process respects the environment. Most cardboard is made of waste paper and is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, most cardboard will be recycled after use.

Cardboard from our range is used for numerous products. Calendars, suitcases, displays, showcards, billboards, fancy boxes, ring-binders, books, even furniture. Cardboard lends itself literally for 1001 applications. Plus, cardboard is sometimes very prominently visible and sometimes it plays a useful role behind the scenes.

We have experienced how important it is to consult our cardboard experts in advance. This always gives the best solutions and guarantees optimum processing. And for custom jobs our many years of experience is a big plus too.