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For cardboard and graphic applications. All hardboards, including grey and black Dexboard, grey and black hardboard, Maroboard, Wolkaboard, moiré Heliospan, (coloured) Presspan and Kofferboard are types of cylindrical sieve boards.

Packaging cardboards:

  • strong and tough
  • excellent levelling
  • excellent rigidity
  • suitable for printing, die-cutting, scoring, and gumming
  • 100% recyclable

Cardboard “All Black”, completely black cardboard
Cardboard “All White”, completely white cardboard

This cardboard is suitable for the most various graphic applications. For black or white lining, All Black and All White are the perfect choice. For binders, bookcovers and for laminating. The material permits easy cutting, scoring and die-cutting. It can be printed in screen-printing.