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Moorman Karton has existed since 1912. Moorman was the first establishment in the Jordan in Amsterdam, here has started selling cardboard. Since 1970, Moorman Karton moved its offices and production facilities to Weesp, (more than 11000m2). Moorman Karton also has a large warehouse of 9000m2 in Winschoten.

On the 24th of August 2012, the Queen of the Netherlands has granted the predicate ''royal'' to Moorman Karton. From this date the name of Moorman Karton changed into Royal Moorman Karton.

When you think of cardboard, you think of Moorman. Moorman has specializing itself in cardboard years ago. Because it is such a versatile and particularly product that deserves special attention. Therefore, we are fully focused on providing a unique range and offering services that help you in your work. Moorman can also offer the best solution for your product. Thanks to our sizeable stocks, we can deliver directly from stock in most cases, either in large amounts or in small batches, from very large sizes down to small pieces. Do you wish to have it glued, punched or cut? We can provide all types of final processing from our own plant.

That approach explains why Moorman is not only in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe (and beyond) the first choice when it comes to cardboard. And our finished products such as foamboard, exclusive matboard, self-adhesive board, high quality museumboard, buffered and unbuffered ragboard even as specialties are increasingly finding their way to national and international clients.

In addition, Moorman produces several types of self-adhesive boards and point-of-purchase material. For many years, Moorman has been a multifaceted wholesaler in cardboard, paper and related products, among other things.